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Cognitive Modeling in the Spaceroom


As one can find in examining the [[spaceroom-system-components|architecture of the spaceroom]] there are a number of application components as well as a component based system in designing the applications that handle the modeling side of things in the system. The current modeling is primarily focused on the physical systems of the ship itself, modeling such things as power generation and consumption by devices as well as the motive force generation of the engine system and shields. The physics modeling of the system is managed by the ODE library. Eventually the sound system using Direct3D will allow for realistic sound management as well. Realistic display is still a while off but could also be managed by libraries such as OpenGL. A piece that was missing was a component that could be used to evaluate the state of the system and based on rules invoke actions. This is a complicated process that requires the ability to define many rules that can be evaluated in parallel.

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A new website system


For quite awhile now most of many of the various parts of the site have been disjoint, a separate blog, wiki, regular web site, and photo gallery. With the new Drupal framework I am able to have all of the features in one place. This will reduce the different sub-domains I have had to use as well as databases.

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Working with images and transparency


First an update on the speech synthesis. I was able to create an HTTP plugin module that contained a speech COM object and make calls against it. All that worked. I tried to create a wrapper object, so that I could manage the enumeration of available voices and so on, but for some reason it kept throwing an odd error. For now it is workable with the default MS voice (SAM).

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A talking spaceship


I got a wiki setup that seems to work reasonably well. It can be found here at Spaceroom Wiki. My main goal with it is to have a shared space for putting various design notes and ideas.

I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.

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Minor Update


Development went on a bit of a haitus. I have just now been able to start reviewing where I left off. One of the key challenges is actually defining what the operations of the ship should be for the users. We have spent time on realistic behaviors of the ship (physics models, etc.), however I think for most people dealing with that level is not entertaining. I think the best way to is to go back and come up with some user stories about what a person would do in the environment. We have roles in mind, so I think that is a good starting perspective.

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