Interröbang Cartel


This area is the home for Interröbang Cartel music produced or contributed by Charlie. The most complete listing of IBC songs can be found at the [ the Unofficial Interröbang Cartel website]. An archive of the old site found here: [ Archived Interröbang Cartel Site] has the lyrics for most songs. Current discussions about IBC are found at the [ IBC Forums]. Albums I have worked on: *[[all-hail-tribute-album|All Hail ?!: Tribute Album]] *[[last-days-crazy-peoples-supermarket|The Last Days of The Crazy People's Supermarket]] *[[aspartme-placebo|Aspartame Placebo]] *[[right-reply|Right of Reply]] *[[bad-coelacanth|Bad Coelacanth]] *[[house-made-awesomeness|House Made of Awesomeness]] Song Links *[ NotBitterBlues] *[ Rewind (Punk)] *[ Static Caravan Fan Club]

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