File Format Catalog

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===Raw formats===
* HSX -
* Text data files (*.CSV) - typically values from other file formats that have been exported as UTF8, UTF-16 or ASCII encoded data. Specific formats supported are:

**Single beam Sv files (*.sv.csv)
**Single beam TS files (*.ts.csv)
**Single beam angular position files (*.angles.csv)
**Single beam linear variable files (*.linear.csv)
**Single beam target files (*.target.csv)
**Multibeam Sv files (*.sv.mb.csv)
**Multibeam TS files (*.ts.mb.csv)
**Multibeam linear magnitude value files (*.mag.mb.csv)
**Multibeam phase files (*.phase.mb.csv)
**Multibeam dB value files (*.db.mb.csv)
**Multibeam boolean files (*.boolean.mb.csv)
**Multibeam color files (*.color.mb.csv)
**Multibeam targets files (*.targets.mb.csv)
**Multibeam bottom detections export files (*.bottom.mb.csv)
**GPS fix files (*.gps.csv)
**Heading files (*.heading.csv)
**Pitch files (*.pitch.csv)
**Roll files (*.roll.csv)
===Layered formats===


==Vendor formats==
* fbt
** SeaBat 6012 files (*.sbi)
** SeaBat 7000 series files (*.s7k)
** SeaBat 8000 series files (*.sns/*.raw)

* Kongsberg

** EM 3002 format (*.all)
** EM 710 format (*.all)
** M3 format (*.imb)