Minor Update

Development went on a bit of a haitus. I have just now been able to start reviewing where I left off. One of the key challenges is actually defining what the operations of the ship should be for the users. We have spent time on realistic behaviors of the ship (physics models, etc.), however I think for most people dealing with that level is not entertaining. I think the best way to is to go back and come up with some user stories about what a person would do in the environment. We have roles in mind, so I think that is a good starting perspective. Another challenge is how to abstract the functionality in a way that makes it clear year relatively easy to perform the tasks. Finally, to make this work, there needs to be feedback information that gives a good sense of what is going on, and producing that information is also a challenge. All good, but it is big enough that it is hard to get going on any one topic.

I am experimenting with setting up a wiki for capturing user stories and other information. I need to find one that can run under PHP + MySQL and has support for permission control. I have tried installing a few but there were some problems getting them running. I found a simple wiki that works but the only control is by IP address. Works ok for internal usage but I would like to make it open to a variety of people and that scheme won’t work very well. Once I have a functioning version I will make it open to people who are interested in contributing.