Spaceroom Concepts

The Spaceroom is both an environment and a simulation system. The ultimate purpose of the Spaceroom is to create an entertaining place that simulates the fun aspects of fictional space travel.

The actual Spaceroom exists in a discrete location. Images of the interior can be found on the [ Spaceroom Gallery]. It is made of up a collection of eclectic electronic equipment, a good sound system and a number of networked computers. The computers run custom built software to allow the participants to play key flight crew roles in the simulation.

The current dedicated stations are:
*[[tactical|Tactical]] (Weapons and Defense)
*[[communications|Communications]] (and Science station)

While each station is intended for a specific role, the software is has a user/role mapping system so that it can present appropriate functional screens based on the configuration of each user based on assigned roles. The roles currently are a direct mapping to the stations, but allows a user to move from machine to machine and maintain their ability to function within the ship.