Dying Years

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Music: Charlie

Lyrics: Tim

Try so hard to get away from you
You keep coming back so I push you away
I can't run away, I can't run away
The timeless rift ends in decay
Shifting sands in my head
Sickness and a sense of dread
World burns, when will it end?
Bleeding rift, it never mends
Think back across the dying years
Soul bared open, sweat & tears
A twisted path, folded in
Upon itself, within itself
One minute, a million years
The threads of time mean nothing here
The fabric of time and space
Clothes us both in disgrace
The stage is set, the house is full
The scene plays out, a tragedy
Actors stumble on their lines
Audience is indifferent, deaf
So that's it, nothing to be said
Gotta stop the hornets in my head
Mountains burn, seas turn read
All consuming sense of dread
Bright knives flash, quick and shar
Flesh is slice and torn apart
We lay bleeding, mutual death
We scream our hate with our last breaths