Care for Some Pi?


I recently acquired a [http://raspberrypi.org Raspberry Pi] board. It is a very cool device running linux on an ARM chip, with USB, Ethernet, HDMI output and the operating system runs off an SD card. The board costs only $35.

So it took me about 20 minutes to image the SD card and boot the machine up. Start up X Windows and I find a browser and some interesting other applications on the desktop.

One of my main goals of using the board is to take advantage of its IO capabilities. it comes with GPIO pins, and can be connected to other devices including an [http://www.arduino.org Arduino]. The Arduino is useful because it can handle more types of devices. The downside of the Arduino is that it uses a single control loop to perform its actions. With the RPi hopefully i can use the more sophisticated programming environment.

Most of my work has been using Delphi (object orient pascal). A open-source development tool is [http://www.lazarus.org Lazarus] that uses Free Pascal Compiler. (It is heavily based on Delphi).

There were a couple of odd things in getting installed:
First I ran:
apt-get install fpc

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Hardware Hacking


Index to pages related to hardware hacking

==Various control boards==
* [http://www.beagleboard.org Beagle Board]
* [http://www.pandaboard.org Panda Board]
* [http://www.arduino.cc Arduino]

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The Arduino Board


It has been a while on posting here. Primarily there have been many other projects that taken time away from the Spaceroom work. However I have always been looking for interesting things both in hardware and software that could contribute to the system.

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