New Band! Reductionists


A new collaboration with Dan Wright,  as well as Tim Reiter and Paul Ward.  This group puts together an eclectic mix of musical forms.

I am on guitar an backing and occasional front vocals, Paul is also on guitar and our primary vocalist, Tim is our bassist and Dan is the drummer.

We are putting up music on the site frequently so check out the Reductionists page.

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Interröbang Cartel


This area is the home for Interröbang Cartel music produced or contributed by Charlie. The most complete listing of IBC songs can be found at the [ the Unofficial Interröbang Cartel website]. An archive of the old site found here: [ Archived Interröbang Cartel Site] has the lyrics for most songs. Current discussions about IBC are found at the [ IBC Forums]. Albums I have worked on: *[[all-hail-tribute-album|All Hail ?!: Tribute Album]] *[[last-days-crazy-peoples-supermarket|The Last Days of The Crazy People's Supermarket]] *[[aspartme-placebo|Aspartame Placebo]] *[[right-reply|Right of Reply]] *[[bad-coelacanth|Bad Coelacanth]] *[[house-made-awesomeness|House Made of Awesomeness]] Song Links *[ NotBitterBlues] *[ Rewind (Punk)] *[ Static Caravan Fan Club]

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