Random assertions

* understand the energy used by entities in communication and consumption.
* understand how the energy affects listeners
* develop method of altering large scale energy state

===Assertions provided by entities===
It is important to note that these are assumed to be true.
====Characteristics of entities====
* There are many different kinds of entities
** Angel/demon
** Aliens
*** The people (link to Reptilians)
*** Greys
** Psychic humans
** 'Ghosts'
** Others
* Many of these entities have agendas
* Different entities interact using different types of energy.
** Heat
** Electricity
** Magnetism

* Entities are sustained by the energy produced by physical objects.
* Some entities prefer 'strong emotional energy' (good or bad)

* Survival
* Sustenance

* 3600 BC - Major event related to 'the people'

====Future Events====
* Red star - earth collision (Nibiru/ Planet X)
* Energy shift needed to protect the planet

* How many 'angels' are involved in human affairs?
* Are 'angels' involved with other creatures?
* What type of energy do they use to communicate with people?
* How does the human body response on a physical level