Wet Dawg

Wet Dawg was made up of: * Brni: Bass Guitar and lead vocals * Charlie: Guitar and occasional voicings * Dan: Drums * Micheal: Vocals (Micheal does not appear on the one released CD). The music of Wet Dawg was diverse and difficult to pin to a particular style. It combined progressive, punk, grunge and other styles (lounge-reggae anyone), often but not always in a farcical format. Often we would play the same song in different styles because we were bored with the current way of doing it. The total number of songs written was probably close to 30 with some additional covers in the mix, but these are the ones that made it to the first CD. Only one CD ([[digital-1|Digital 1]]) was produced at the tail end of the band's life span. The page link takes you to a list of individual song pages with include mp3 links, notes and lyrics. For immediate access to the wonder that was Wet Dawg: Downloadable Song Links: *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/MixedBag.mp3 Mixed Bag] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Answer.mp3 Answer] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Implications.mp3 Implications ] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/SillyLoveSongs.mp3 Silly Love Songs] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/AggravatedAssault.mp3 Aggravated Assault] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/DaysOfProfits.mp3 Days of Profits (Crash and Burn)] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Askew.mp3 Askew] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/CherryWishniak.mp3 Cherry Wishniak Bag] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Knife.mp3 Knife] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Sheep.mp3 Sheep] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/Satisfied.mp3 Satisfied] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/OldFriends.mp3 Old Friends] *[http://www.spaceroom.org/music/WetDawg/NewSuedeBlues.mp3 New Suede Blues]