Starting Up The Ship

Preparing a cold ship for launch

Opening the hatch allows the crew to enter the ship. A master key is used to open the hatch and kick off the initial power up sequence. This includes booting the station computers, as well as opening the hatch.

The master key is a USB memory stick with configuration information on it.
The main server will read the data check for appropriate access rights.
It will then run a user specific startup script calling X10 commands to turn on
selected devices. It may also make calls to the central sound and speech

After booting up, the stations will launch the spaceroom software. When the crew member inserts his/her key then the client program will show the start sequence (interesting graphics, and sound maybe?), and then bring up the client screen with the appropriate module pages based on their role configuration.

The crew key is also a USB memory stick with configuration information on it.
There are two main programs running, a USB monitor program and the console

The USB monitor program makes an HTTP logon call to the console application which initiates the role lookup and appropriate loading of console modules based on the role(s) that have been assigned to the crew member. During the boot up process the console program should be able to present user friendly diagnostic screens if there are errors such as connecting to the server software.

Once the console programs are initialized and ready, the crew then needs to begin the departure checklist process.

Idea: Some activity monitor process that provides nag messages if nothing happens for a while.

Departure Checklist
The departure check list is made up of tasks that are general as well as role specific.

* Close the Hatch - (Helm, Engineering) - Hard contact input from hatch as feedback to server may be implemented later.
* Each crew member provides a status report.
* Fuel Check
* Environmental Status
* Other ship status checks as desired.
* Plot course to destination
* [[development:File_Flight_Plan]] (Send destination)
* Ready Engines for departure
* Signal for docking release
* Execute debarking manuever
* Get clearance for main thrust
* Final secure check
* Engage engines