Raccoon Breath

Song Information


Charlie: Lead guitar

Dan: Drums

Paul: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Tim: Bass

Lyrics by Paul



Too drunk to drive, a man becomes a beast
Grabs a raccoon to play the breathalyzer's fool
It spurns the worst-laid plans of mice and men in vengeance
Strikes up the food chain; now his car's in the pool
It's a jungle in here
In tooth and claw, in thumb and in saw
We want to be ahead of the pack
The fittest survive, but stupidity thrives again
Using explosives to blow a hole in lake ice
Duck hunters bold, but they did not think it through
Their loyal retriever brings back the red fizzy stick
Since then, no one's seen that bold duck-hunting crew
The dogma of the cool cats that we parrot as horse sense
Tells us we're all top dogs, and we're gonna have our day
But the monkey that lives in all of us throws its wrench into our plans
Human nature denatures humans, and the ghost of Darwin laughs
Pet alligators take a trip down the toilet
In New York's sewers, they grow albino and not drowned
They live under Brooklyn now; ironic beers with C.H.U.D.s
"Yeah, you've never heard of us; we're pretty underground"